Faber of course!

Sizes: 3 litre, 7 litre, 10 litre, 12 litre, 15 litre

Single or twin configurations.

Working pressures:
232 bar or 300 bar (excluding 15 litre)

Cylinder valves from M.D.E., Beaver, Sanosub, AP Valves.


Testing for scuba cylinders is currently required at two and a half year intervals.  All cylinders are stamped with the manufacture date and the dates of previous tests.

Cylinders intended for surface use require testing at five year intervals, and must be clearly marked “Surface Use Only.and be fitted with dry type valves

(NB: This includes air cylinders purchased for other sports and activities such as air guns, paintballing, tyre inflation, breathing apparatus, etc.)

 Slough Scuba Store can fill air or nitrox to 300 bar,

Arrange cylinder testing and oxygen cleaning for cylinders and valves nitrox use.


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